Epilogue: Lea Monde and Beyond

[Ashley defeats Guildenstern, who explodes.]

[Hardin, who is carrying Joshua, runs down the stairs. Cal, behind him, turns.]

Merlose: Ashley!

[An earthquake begins]

Hardin: Quickly! It's all collapsing!

Merlose: But Agent Riot...

Hardin: There is no time!

[Merlose goes down the stairs, looking back over her shoulder.]

[Cut to: Shot of the Undercity, with the goblins scurrying around as the ceiling collapses]

[Cut to: Undercity East, where we last saw Tieger, Neesa and Grissom]

Tieger: Go!! Go now!!

Neesa: And what then? We are finished!!

[Grissom comes from behind a pillar, approaching Tieger]

Tieger: We must tell them what has happened here! Flee, Neesa!!

Neesa: Come back alive, Tieger! Alive!!

[She runs offscreen. Tieger approaches Grissom.]

Tieger: And now the slowest dance begins, partner. 'Tis a fine tomb we shall share.

[Cut to: Ashley with Sydney slung over his shoulders, trying to carry him through the lower levels of the Cathedral. Ashley drops Sydney, and looks up as the ceiling begins to fall.]

[Cut to: A dragon falls, and fades. A Dullahan walks across the screen.]

[Cut to: The magic blue circle from the final battle, with Guildenstern's head and shoulders being sucked in to it. It explodes.]

[Cut to: External Lea Monde, sunrise. Merlose stands on a hill looking at the city collapse.]

Merlose: Gods be with you, Riot...

[Joshua tugs at her arm. She follows him to where Hardin is slumped against a wall. Joshua, crying, comes up next to Hardin. Hardin lifts his head and looks at Joshua.]

Joshua: Nooo! Hardin, stay here! Don't go!!

Hardin: You speak....at last. The terror... I am sorry....

[Hardin slowly turns to snowflies, dissolving. Joshua throws himself against Cal's legs. Cal looks at the sunrise over Lea Monde, unsmiling.]

Duke Bardorba's Secondary Residence, Greylands
2 Week Later ---

[Cut to: Duke's bedchambers. The Duke sits in the bed. Ashley steps into the room, alone, As he approaches the bed, we switch to his point of view]

Duke: ...Well met, Sydney.

[We see Sydney, robed in white, standing beside the bed where Ashley presumably was]

Duke: So, it is done... You have suffered much.

[The Duke leans back in bed]

Duke: I, too, have played my part. Let us leave the rest to this Ashley. He is the one you have chosen. ...I know what must be done.

[Sydney places a dagger beside the bed. Cut to his back, which is bare of the Rood beneatht the white robes.]

Duke: ...I was not much of a father to you. Forgive me, my son.

[Sydney smiles. He bends over, as if to embrace the Duke. The camera catches that the dagger is embedded in Sydney's chest. Slowly, Sydney turns to snowflies, and the knife falls.]

[The screen goes black.]

Offscreen: Sire!! Your Excellency! Someone, bring water! Our lord has fallen!

[Cut to: Exterior, town scene. A figure in the rain, walking the streets. A watchman approaches.]

Watchman: Who walks there at this hour? What is your business? Show your papers!

[We see the barest hint of Ashley's face, before he turns, becoming Callo.]

Merlose: Callo Merlose, VKP inquisitor. [She holds out her ID]

Watchman: M-my lady! I beg your forgiveness!

Merlose: It is no matter. You are merely doing your duty.

Watchman: T-thank you, m'lady!

[The guard walks off. Merlose turns, and is Ashley once more, in civilian clothing. He looks over his shoulder.]

[-- And so began the story of the wanderer, the vagrant.]



Vagrant Story, all its characters, and all associated text is copyright © 2000 SQUARE Co. Ltd. All rights remain with original authors. This script is provided for educational and informative purposes only. WARNING: THERE BE SPOILERS WITHIN.