Dungeon: Temple of Kiltia

[Ashley walks into room. Rosencrantz hits him.]

Rosencrantz: Look at you!

[Kicks Ashley in ribs]

Rosencrantz: This ... This is your "successor?" Open your eyes, Sydney. I am the one! Hardin is gone. Old man Bardorba's next, I fear. And, Sydney, your time will soon come, I think. You'd give the city to the Cardinal's motley rabble? I think not! Not after the hardships I've endured! I'm sure you agree, Sydney. It is time. I will carry on the legacy in your name. Now, the rites! Name me your successor!!

Sydney: I name you ... "Worm", as you crawl through the dust.

[Rosencrantz slashes off one of Sydney's arms]

Rosencrantz: Then keep your immortality. Here, let me lighten your burden! Ah ha ha ha!

[Sydney stands up, and reattaches his arm, slowly.]

Rosencrantz: Ha ... heh? What!?

Sydney: I gave my limbs to the gods. Perhaps I'll add yours to the offering!

Rosencrantz: When will you learn your power is useless against me?

[Rosencrantz is holding a phantom arm, one of Sydney's. He tosses it aside, which breaks the glamorie, revealing it as Rosencrantz's sword.]

Rosencrantz: Haa...!?

Sydney: [from suddenly behind him] Do not forget where you are standing, Rosencrantz.

Rosencrantz: Y-you have deceived me!?

Sydney: I've done nothing so base.

You deceived yourself with a boy's daydreams. Fear not, sweet Rosencrantz. I will not kill you.

[Rosencrantz looks up to see the statue of Kali animate... the last thing he will ever see.]

Sydney: I give you the city, Riskbreaker! All its power -- all to you! Make haste! Join me! Already, your powers are close to readiness! Come!

Ashley: Keep your accursed city! Where's Merlose!?

Sydney: You may be able to save them -- your wife and child!!

[He turns to go]

Sydney: Should you meet them, repent, Ashley, repent!!


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