Dungeon: Limestone Quarry

Guildenstern: This it?

Rosencrantz: In the upper stories, I believe.

Guildenstern: Move out!

[Rosencrantz turns and goes down the cloudstone, instead of following Guildenstern and Samantha]

Merlose: ...You're a brave boy.

Hardin: All the excitement at the manor got to him. He's not said a word. You hungry, boy?

Merlose: You care well for your charges.

[She looks up, and sees Ghostly Hardin]

Ghostly Hardin: ...It was during my days in the Peaceguard. there was an investigation into an incident. I was part of a special team, entrusted with delivering blades to rebels in a neighboring kingdom. Apparently, some did not reach their destination. They claimed some of us were making coppers selling the steel on the black market. ...We were all guilty. I was not the only one. They presented me with an offer. Betray my friends, and I would walk free. ...I had a brother, half my age. He was gravely ill, and we knew not when he would leave us. I wanted money ... I wanted my freedom. I sold my friend, my brother. But they did not set me free. When I escaped from prison, my brother was dead.

Merlose: So you joined Müllenkamp ... to revenge this "injustice" done to you?

Hardin: You scrye too deep, woman!

Merlose: This thing you do will not bring your brother back!

Hardin: Silence! What do you know?

Merlose: Do not play the child! Do not blame your weakness on another!!

Hardin: Witch!!

[He goes to hit Merlose, and bends over with a crossbow bolt in his side as Guildenstern comes up on the cloudstone]

Hardin: Quicker than a damned bloodhoud!

Guildenstern: Our dark "hounds" know your stench, cultist.

Guildenstern: Speak! Where is the key?

Hardin: ...How should I know?

Guildenstern: (Holds out hand, tries to use the Dark on Hardin) You are at my mercy. Now, speak!

Hardin: T-truly, I do not know.

Guildenstern: You must know something -- anything!!

[The room shivers]

Hardin: Y-You... your power, like Sydney's...! How! You do not draw from the wellspring!

Guildenstern: You think the Dark flows only within your city? You underestimate the Cardinal!!

[Guildenstern holds out a hand -- Hardin finds himself in the Grey, with Sydney watching]

Sydney: A mite close, that was.

Hardin: Y-yes.

Sydney: It is time to take the city. Let us perform the rite of succession.

Hardin: The key... you've found it?

Sydney: The key?

Hardin: The "Blood-Sin".

Sydney: Ah, yes. The Blood-Sin...

Hardin: Is this a test, Sydney?

Sydney: Yes, a test. Tell me of this key, brother.

Hardin: Only he who holds the Blood-Sin can succeed to the Dark City. The would-be successor must cede his phantom soul if he is to accept his prize -- Control of the Dark. These streets already teem with souls. All that is needed is the key. We have no time. The key, show it to me.

[Sydney smiles and becomes Guildenstern. Hardin drops back to his knees.]

Hardin: Diablerie!!

Guildenstern: The Blood-Sin, you say? It has a familiar ring...

[Guildenstern looks up, sees the Rood on the ceiling] Guildenstern: Years past, during the inquisition of the heretics, the "Rood Inverse" was carved on them, an abjuration of the flesh... Those who bore this tattoo called it the Blood-Sin.

[Flashback to Sydney turning around, with the Rood Inverse on his back]

Guildenstern: Good God! Sydney held the key all along!!

Hardin: What?

Guildenstern: The tattoo on his back, it is the Blood-Sin! He has the key! He has played you false!

Hardin: N--no, I won't...

Guildenstern: Then why does Sydney not take the city? The Duke is in his final hours...

Hardin: Surely ... Surely he would not follow the Duke's wishes...?

[Merlose holds Joshua back.]

Merlose: Stop!

[Guildenstern stabs Hardin. Joshua screams silently.]

[Change to shot of statue, with little Sydney watching -- or is it Joshua? Turns and runs to the Duke, embraces him.]

[Flash -- fade to Sydney standing in front of an altar, from behind]

Sydney: ...Hardin.

[The door opens. Sydney turns to see Rosencrantz]

Rosencrantz: What are your designs for the Riskbreaker?

Sydney: Not yet figured it out, eh?

Rosencrantz: I thought so... So he is to succeed to the Legacy, then?

Sydney: I've given up. There is no meaning in an "incomplete death".

Rosencrantz: What are you ranting about?

Sydney: You do not understand? He is the perfect one to rule this city of darkness. He shows all the signs; he is ready.

Rosencrantz: That weak-spirited vagrant? He has the unquestioning faith of a child in his morality.

Sydney: Better a pious child than an iniquitous rogue! Unlik you, he would not misuse the Dark.

[Sydney smiles. Rosencrantz hits him, and Sydney falls.]

Sydney: Why try to harry me, when it is he who has shamed you? Nonetheless, you could not harm me.

Rosencrantz: Your powers hold no sway over me! Prepare yourself, Sydney!


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