Dungeon: Undercity East

Tieger: Ach, there's no pulse. He's gone...

[Ashley enters]

You!! You did this!!

[Ashley, judiciously, Runs Away. Tieger and Neesa follow.]

Tieger: You killed our brother...

Neesa: Tieger, this is him. The VKP's Riskbreaker.

Tieger: So you're the one they speak of. They will sing songs of your death here!!

[They fight.]

Tieger: You...You fight well, Riskbreaker.

Neesa: Flatter him not, Tieger.

Tieger: We will witthdraw, Neesa. Can you fly?

Neesa: Well enough.

[They turn to snowflies and disappear.]

Ashley: ...That corpse was Grissom. But why here?

[Ashley goes back through the door]

Grissom: ...Please, a moment. My body is not... cooperating. Yeuuu... You!

Tieger: I am sorry, brother. We cannot help you now.

Grissom: Whaa... What is happening?

Neesa: Grissom. You have left this coil! The Dark has filled you; you have joined the cold ones!!

Grissom: An ironic fate. I suppose it is better than the endless wand'ring-- But to happen upon your own corpse! Uhoooohhhh!!!

--Kill ... Kill them all.--

Grissom: W-who speaks?

--It is bitter ... lonely. They must join us.. Kill them.--

Grissom: ...The walls! The walls speak!?

--Your friends, they dream of killing you. They will steal your body. Kill! Kill them all, Grissom!--

Grissom: My flesh... is mine and mine alone!!

[Grissom rises in midair and flies through the door. Tieger and Neesa follow.]

Tieger: GRISSOM!


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