DUNGEON: Abandoned Mines B1

[Ashley sees through Merlose's eyes to Sydney and Hardin speaking. Hardin is scrying.]

Sydney: (to Hardin) Well? What do you see? (to Merlose) You find us strange, no?

Merlose: "Unnatural" is more the word. That thing you do ... it ...

Hardin: ...They have formed into three groups. They are wounded ... and increasingly wary of being split apart. They seem less focused than our visitors last night.

Sydney: The soldiers last night were trained elites; these latecomers are mere sellswords.

Guildenstern doubtlessly wished to catch us in the Graylands. Yet we proved too cunning a quarry....

Hardin: It is a hollow victory. Our losses are greater than the Blades'. And they have cut our puppets' strings and turned them against us. They will soon hold the surface. We are lost!

Sydney: We have sacrificed much...Yet it need not be in vain, need it, Hardin?

Hardin: How can they control our servants? How!?

Sydney: Not all of them can. Only a few.

Hardin: Yet we are the masters, are we not? Have we been betrayed by one of our own?

Sydney: I think not. The Cardinal has prepared long for this. 20 years watching... waiting.

Hardin: Think! They struck us just as we were moving on the Duke! They knew our plans, Sydney!

Sydney: Temper, Hardin. You must learn control.

Hardin: We are lost, Sydney! Lost! We must leave now, or we'll be warming our toes in hell!!

Sydney: I said control yourself!! I am telling you all is well. Trust me, Hardin. All is well. We are friends, you and I. Is that not so, Hardin? Give me your trust, friend.

Hardin: Yes ... ... friends.

Sydney: Take the Inquisitor with you and go ahead. Oh, and don't be too rough.

Hardin: What will you do?

Sydney: Just going to pay a visit on Guildenstern. Worry not, friend. Use sigils to lock all you can. It will cost our guests valuable time to unbind them.

Hardin: Sydney... If we are friends, do not "compel" me so... Never again, Sydney!

[Merlose sees a vision of a young blonde boy.]

...He intends to die.

Hardin: This way. Come!

Ashley: ...Merlose.

Rosencrantz, watching from shadows: ...What have you done, Sydney?


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