Dungeon: Catacombs

Ashley: It would take an earthquake to open this...

Ashley: Not again!

Sydney: ...Do not attempt escape, and no harm will come to you.

Merlose: ...What evil are you working here?

Sydney: Just a little drawing, my dear. What think you, Hardin?

Hardin: [distracted, scrying on Ashley] Gods... Is he even human? He fights with the strength of a brigade... Are Riskbreakers all this powerful?

Sydney: I think not. Our Ashley is a vessel, you see. He has merely partaken of the power around him. It is as I have foreseen.

Hardin: ...What next, then?

Sydney: What next? Let him give chase a while.

Hardin: This is madness, Sydney!! The Blades will hold this town soon, and we dare not face their undivided forces!! We've no time to play cat and mouse!

Sydney: Relax, my good Hardin. Remember, it is all part of my plan.

Hardin: Were the Duke's betrayal, the Cardinal's meddling... and a Riskbreaker strong as bloody Titan all part of your precious plan, too, Sydney!? ...Sydney, forgive me.

Sydney: Be calm, Hardin. It is of no account. You impress me, Inquisitor... More concerned about our doings than your own fate?

Merlose: What villainy are you planning, Sydney?

Sydney: Why, I'm preparing a feast for your friend. Gylda-meundes-haati-smohta... Ferdes-raati-salba-gylmota... Emperor of shade, descend from the dark... Honor sin-soaked contracts of kinship; lead your beast unto me.

Boy in Merlose's vision: I must help Father...

Ashley: ...Merlose?


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