Dungeon: Wine Cellars

Ashley: Ah, vintage wine--


Ashley: ...No live burials today, thanks. "A strange power", indeed....

Crimson Blade 1: Well? Got 'er open?

Crimson Blade 2: ...It's no good. No' even a budge.

Crimson Blade 1: What's this? It weren't lock'd a moment ago, eh?

Crimson Blade 2: No key holds this door... It be a grimoire what's doing this!

Crimson Blade 1: Well, who lock'd it then? ...Someone inside?

Crimson Blade 2: Buggered if I know! Look -- we'll be cut off from the others!

Crimson Blade 1: And where are those scouts, man?

Crimson Blade 2: ...They've not return'd.

Crimson Blade 1: This be no time for loafin' around!

Crimson Blade 2: Keep yer cap on, brother! ...Now come up 'ere and take a look at THIS!

Crimson Blade 1: What's that?

Ashley: ...A "Grimoire"?

Crimson Blade 1: This, too, be a grimoire's doing?

Crimson Blade 2: By the gods! I'd oft heard o'it ... But this!

Crimson Blade 1: An' a Wyrm -- a DRAGON-- was sighted at the Dukes' manor.

Crimson Blade 2: Well, if there's magick about, dragons won't be far behind...

Crimson Blade 1: I worry about Guildenstern and the others.

Crimson Blade 2: Ach, they'll be fine.

Crimson Blade 1: Think of it! If we've witnessed miracles such as these on Lea Monde's doorstep, what then lies within!?

Crimson Blade 2: ...Ye wear naivete like a crest, brother! Surely the masters know of this "Grimoire." Mayhaps we've just been in the dark, eh?

Crimson Blade 1: Yet our charge is to drub those Müllenkamp scoundrels an' -- And procure the miracles of Lea Monde!

Crimson Blade 2: Tis just a rumor, but I've heard that Guildenstern's lot works them magicks as well...

Crimson Blade 1: Rubbish! We're servants of the Lord! No true Knight of the Cross would dabble in the black arts!

Crimson Blade 2: It's only a rumor, brother... But if Sydney is truly the worker of diablerie they claim he is, I say fight fire with fire!

Crimson Blade 1: I say let the Lord be our shield!

Crimson Blade 2: Ever the choirboy! The only shield I see is the one coverin' yer eyes. Heretic or no, I believe what I see, and right now ... I see sorcery.

Crimson Blade 1: ...... ...Swine'll take wing 'fore the likes of us use magick, my friend.

Crimson Blade 2: Aye, but with a grimoire, your fattest sow could outfly my swiftest falcon -- if ye believe the chroniclers.

Crimson Blade 1: With a grimoire, you say?

Crimson Blade 2: Ye could even make cobblestones float like clouds...

Guildenstern: Here comes one of Parliament's watchdogs. You, go back and silence his yapping.

Crimson Blade: Parliament's... watchdogs?

Guildenstern: An agent of the VKP. You can follow orders, can you not? The VKP is your enemy. Now, go!

Crimson Blade: Sir!

[As Guildenstern turns around, we see that it is really Sydney]

Ashley: Not again! This is a big one!


I do not feel I'm welcome here.

[Flashback: Picnic scene]

[Flash of Marco]


[Ashley fights the minotaur. He turns to see Sydney clapping]

Ashley: Sydney!

Sydney: So this is a Riskbreaker. Most men complacently accept "knowledge" as "truth". They are sheep, ruled by fear. But you are different. Always calm, detached. A smooth flow of thought into action. Indeed... it is almost as if... ...As if you had no soul. How do you do it? Body and soul are one... Yet yours are separate, like a child from the knight in his storybook. Where is your soul, Riskbreaker? Is this VKP training? Or did you see something that made you shut your soul away? Show me your soul...

[Flashback of picnic scene; no dialogue]

Sydney: You killed your beloved wife and child...

Ashley: ...They were slain by fallen knights, jackals.

Sydney: Wrong. You failed to protect your wife, your child. You failed in your duty as a knight, as a husband... as a father. You killed them!!

Ashley: Sydney!!

Sydney: Try to catch me, Ashley Riot! Look outside yourself to find your truth.

Ashley: What's your game?

Sydney: Hardin!

Merlose: Ashley!!

Ashley: Merlose!!

Merlose: Pay no heed to me! Take them, Riot!!

Sydney: The city of shade will forgive your sins, my son-- And call forth a power... a power that lies within you even now! This is my game. I run, you give chase. I am the hart, and you the hunter. But this hart has laid a few snares of his own... I am waiting for you, Riskbreaker.

Ashley: H-hold! Sydney! Damn!

[Ashley recovers a suppressed battle ability.]

What -- what is happening?

--I am waiting for you, Ashley Riot. --

Dying Crimson Blade:

Ashley: ......

Dying Crimson Blade: Ur...I...I b-beg of ye.... Sss...stop the ...p-pain...

Ashley: Is this some magick, or merely the power of Lea Monde...?

Ashley: ...Is this, too, part of your game, Sydney?


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