Tales of Alucard

Nathan Hatfield-Evans

The night was dark and cloudy, and any looking out could see the threat of a hard rain. The Black Boar was full this eve, but a air of dismay floated like a thick blanket through the room. The barkeep stood back, cleaning the glasses, watching for the first signs of a bar fight. That was not likely this night, however, for no one seemed to have the strength to argue.

The door to the tavern opened, and silhouetted in the frame stood a tall, lean figure, dressed elegantly, with tall, soft leather boots, a long flowing cape, black dress coat, and black gloves covering his hands. His long white hair swirled around him, his complexion pale enough to almost be mistake for an albino. At his side was strapped a longsword, and on the other side was a throwing dagger. Both had intricately carved hilts, and looked to be well used, though in good condition. When the figure moved, he made not a sound, and cast no shadow. He moved so quickly and gracefully, that he seemed to leave a trail behind him.

The figure walked over to the bar, and took a seat, away from the other patrons. The bar keep, a rather large man, lumbered over to the figure, and set an empty glass in front of him.

"What'll it be, sonny?" The barkeep asked, his voice like a low rumble.

"You have not what I need to sustain myself, kind sir." The figures voice was deep and flowed like silk, and sounded as elegant and gentle as his dress appeared, though it held a tone that made a person realize that underneath was steel.

"This is one of the finest establishments here-a-bout's, lad. I have what you want, trust me." The barkeep rumbles.

"Lean closer then, my friend, and I shall take my drink." The figure opened his mouth slightly, and the barkeep saw inside something that nearly made him lose his nerves. For in that gentle looking mouth were a pair of fangs, gleaming in the low light of the tavern. The mouth then closed, hiding the fangs from sight.

"You're a... a... vamp!" Hissed the barkeep, just barely above a whisper.

"Be that as it may, I shall drink not from you or your patrons. I seek only temporary refuge from the storm. The night be young, and I have far to go. Keep silent what you know, and I shall be gone before you know."

The barkeep noded silently, and moved shakily off to serve another customer. The figure turned slightly away from the main part of the room, waiting for a chance to leave. His acute sense of smell was picking up every little odor in the room, and seeing as many of the men had not showered for as long as they could remember, the elegantly dressed figure felt much like throwing up. Shortly, another figure, this one tall, and dressed in ragged leather clothing, sat down beside the figure. On his hip was a short sword, and on the other a wooden stake.

"Greetings stranger. I ain't seen your face around here before. And you definitly have a face I'd remember. What's your name?" The new figures voice was rough and jagged, and sent a shiver of pain down the pale figures spine.

The pale figure hesitated a moment before speaking "I am known as Alucard. Alucard Tepes. And what would your name be?"

The leather clad figure jerked a bit at hearing that name, and emitted a low growl. "I am Mikhal Ditrinko, vampire hunter. And you, my friend, are a vampire."

"Leave me be this night, and I shall be gone by the morn" Said Alucard, not a bit of fear in his voice.

"I think not, vamp. I shall slay you this night, before you have a chance to bring more over to your side of evil!" Those last words were a shout, as Mikhal rose from his stool, sending it flying backwards. He drew his short sword and stake, and held the sword out, pointing at Alucard. Alucard rose, and drew his long sword, still showing not a trace of fear.

Alucard and Mikhal begins circling, and the other patrons cleared a wide circle for the two combatants. Then, Mikhal darted forward, thrusting at Alucards heart, but the longsword was there to block it at the last instant. Mikhal slashed at Alucards arm, but again the blow was deflected at the last moment. Again the two began circling, and a few blows were traded back and forth, always parried. Then, Alucard made a sweeping slash under Mikhals defenses and managed to slice the front of his chest open. Blood immediatly welled up through the cut, and Alucards sense went wild. He chanted something quickly, and a pale red glow surrounded him, as the blood from the wound was magically pulled off the cut, and absorbed into Alucards body. His eyes began to glow a dark crimson, as the fresh blood coursed through his veins.

"Demon!" Shrieked Mikhal, as he pulled a vial of water off of his belt, and threw it as Alucard. The bottle shattered against him, and began to steam where the water connected with flesh. Alucard let out a short yell, and drew his dagger, snapping his wrist, sending the dagger penetrating deep into Mikhals leg nearly faster then the human eyes in the room could follow. Then, Alucard began chanting again, longer this time, and at the end, shouted but two words which were enough to make the blood run cold in all that heard it. "SOUL STEAL!" And as those words left Alucards lips, a brilliant white flash filled the room, blinding all for an instant, and when the patrons could see again, they saw a gruesome site. Mikhal lay on the floor, writhing in agony, his body shriveling up, as a thin beam of magical energy connected him and Alucard, who was drawing in Mikhal's life force. Within minutes, it was done, and Mikhal was nothing but a dried up corpse on the floor.

Alucard walked over to the barkeep, and set a large leather purse down on the counter.

"This should cover the damages" he said in his deep silky voice. "I am most sorry to cause this disturbance. I shall be going now."

The barkeep, to stunned to speak, watched as Alucard gracefully walked out the door, and began running towards the woods. Any watching would swear that he was changing as he ran, and any that followed would see a large dire wolf running in the same direction as Alucard went, with the same silvery-white hair.....

To Be Continued???

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