Legend of Dragoon - Movies
04.10.2000 New Trailer
The beginning of the trailer - 2.4 Megs
The middle - 1.0 Meg
And the end! Just like a good story! - 5.4 Megs
03.26.2000 New Movies! Source: PSX IGN
Legend of Dragoon trailer, first part - 3.2 Megs
Legend of Dragoon trailer, second part - 2.9 Megs
Legend of Dragoon trailer, third part - 3.3 Megs
Legend of Dragoon trailer, final part - 2.4 Megs
The game's opening sequence type thing - 10.8 Megs
Legend of Dragoon's opening FMV! - 17.7 Megs
Our hero, trying to get away from a huge creature - 4.6 Megs
Our hero, still trying to get away from the creature, with much more running this time - 1.5 Megs
His head must be SO sore after that... - 3.2 Megs
Prepare for battle, swine! - 4.5 Megs
Long battle with two soldiers; the first fight in the game! - 6.6 Megs
Bah, he's all talk...until he attacks. - 3.6 Megs
Very long battle with two soldiers and their boss; great example of early combat. - 13.1 Megs
Some type of special one-on-one fight? - 3.4 Megs
A woman gets thrown in jail; a man thrown off a bridge. Typical. - 7.0 Megs
Death--to low-land creatures... How...embarrassing. - 2.2 Megs
09.29.1999 TGS Demo Movie Source: GameFan
TGS Demo CD Movie 19,122 KB
09.22.1999 TGS' 99 Movies Source: GameSpot
Footage from TGS - 2.9 megs
More footage from TGS - 3.0 megs
Yep. TGS. - 3.1 megs
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