I Will Still Remember
Calis Cheah (7/1/2001)

Author's Note: This is a song-fic for Rose written to the tune of "If You Still Believe", the theme song for The Legend of Dragoon.


I watched the starlight in the sky

I think of tears but

My eyes are dry


I never thought that I would pray

I've lost my faith in life

Ever since that day


I have but lost

Lost the only man I would ever love

I will fight on

Against the moon that never sets above


I'll be the Black Monster

Death will come as my blade flies

I will stop the cycle

Till the day my blood runs dry


If you have to hate me

For the lives of those you loved

Would you fight destiny

Head to the skies above


Time has gone

Leaving me far behind

Time has slip away


If there's a way

Live the shadow of yesterday

Let me go today


I will still remember

The names of those who are gone

Alone I will fight on

Till the day my task is done


I will go on living

For the world that I still love

If one day my life ends

Perhaps I'll fly free as a dove