Radiata Stories - Screens  
01.27.05 Tons of Screens Game Watch
Watch where you point that thing Awfully green Goblin rush
"Help, I'm on fire!" Heading off to new lands What's that over there?
You can do WHAT with your feet? A little embarrassed I'm sorry your clothes fell in the grape juice
You all are going WHERE dressed like that? Give us all your money "I'll just have one more drink sir."
But I don't wanna take a shower Angry Before she became the pink ranger
Her hat doubles as a soup pot Blushing Oddly shaven
"I'll kill you Goblin King!" Lending a hand Low shot
Get ready to fight You'll poke an eye out Come on. Everyone's doing it.
I don't think this is such a good idea guys Skinny cheeks I need food badly
"I wonder when my pizza will arrive?" Sir, someone has stolen all of the chickens from the barnhouse "Do I look better from the left or right side?"
I will never sell enough cookies to get my cookie badge He forgot to wear his goofy hat Blast!
Hammer slipped That'll leave a mark Super Uppercut
Liar liar pants on fire Right down the center What goes up, must come down
Purple lines Sparkly Dodging the attack
Blocking the attack Kaboom! Are you a new student?
Meeting in the streets I can't find my mother "I need you to sweep this hall from front to back."
Must... clean... faster... "I'm sorry I'm late." "I will pray that they don't make me clean the toilets today."
I think my knee is broken Random homeless man Look out behind you!
Combo attack Chasing after the enemy Arrrrrrr
You! Cannot! Paaaaass! He has feathers stuck in his nose Don't fall off
You! Cannot! Siiiiiit! Green shots How did you get in here?
Trying to hide? "Would you like to buy one of my fine leather jackets?" We ran out of seats so you will have to stand
Sneaking a peek Now our hero is stalking her I think she is catching on
"I'm sorry. You can't come back here." Still stalking her
01.19.05 Commercial Screens Famitsu
Clear skies mean happy adventures Looking into a serene valley
01.16.2005 TV Commercial by Production I.G. Impress Game Watch
Bright light source A bit windy outside Jack and Ridley
01.15.2005 Races Famitsu
A dwarf A dark elf A light elf
12.07.2004 Some New Characters The Magic Box
Gazing off into space Admiring a photograph Talking to Flora
Casting a spell She looks troubled Marietta doing some reading
Watch out, that first step is a doozy Her glasses must have been crafted by tiny hands This girl just does not know how to stay on her feet
Will you be my friend? Ouch! Right on the grate, too He looks confident
What's that up there? An unsatisfied customer What did I tell you about drawing on the walls?
Morning already? This is how you sweep a rug Staring blankly
He's gonna have to jump! Good luck getting through airline security, buddy Max!
Sebastian examining the body Anybody need some cheese grated? Getting tipsy
Eugene, lounging about Guys with eye patches can never come off looking nice
11.26.2004 Screens Ahoy!
Slice and dice I'm too sexy.. Fighting stance
Back off Holy stab I can see my house from here
Battle chaos Is something burning? Slash
This is where you fall down Brown area attack Blue area attack
Chibi Cloud Want to touch the hiney Spell casting
Beach party Gibberish Some old guy/rock thing?
11.05.2004 Even More Additional Screens
Just don't look down Sadly, he could never remember who exactly it was he was chasing Apparently the monster's insides consisted of lightbulbs
"Hey guys I think someone is watching us..." "Please help me guys, I haven't showered in 3 weeks." The proud army of fish-wolves attack
Suddenly he remembered he was holding his sword backwards Giving a new meaning to icy breathments
10.29.2004 More Screens
Confrontation Gantz and Genius converse Shin is once again unimpressed
Natsume attacks Speak softly and carry a big sword Natsume and Lenard converse
He of broad shoulders and scary eyes Lenard in action Speaking from the bushes
Melancholy Genius Talk amongst yourselves--I'll give you a topic Genius on the battlefield
09.27.2004 Additional Screens The Magic Box
I can lick my toes Street Halo? You mean this? Dunno, but it'll probably hurt
Eh, er, bunch 'o numbers C'mon, nobody uses 8 1/2 X 11 paper anymore. It must be twice the size of your head He's running away 'cause you look funny
The kid's right, Jack. I'm much prettier than you Dinner is such a boar It's light-red
Crap, they found me!
09.11.2004 First screens The Magic Box
The name's Jack. Remember it. Look into my eyes... Ridley lets her hair down
Sadly for Ridley, the axe throw is not an Olympic sport. Chop chop! Yeah, whine to your sister, Jack
It's been a long road... Siddown an' shaddup Gantz in a mess
They're coming... Jack going contemplative Jack's feeling it...
Battle It only looks like Street Fighter "Death for Honor Arrow" Link
Running More running Slightly disturbing eyes
Jarvis talks Monsters need their beauty rest too, you know DISCO, BABY!
Something interesting, huh...? Jack jumps for joy Ashura doesn't appreciate your timing.
Jack can't see what Miranda saw Shin is unimpressed Airdale presents a sword
Airdale's unhappy Sibling sparring Gantz introduces himself
Gantz in battle stance Ridley visits late

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