Makai Kingdom - Screen Shots
04.04.2005 Weapons of Mass Destruction
That's a big axe To, Two, Too Swoosh
Bazooka Joe Does this damage the player too? Seafood soup!
Is this alchemy? Toasty!! Titanic steer clear
Laharl-style More Laharl-style Sword of Omens give me sight beyond sight!
The weapons just keep getting bigger Renegade Chomp Twister anyone?
Whack-a-mole Kirby? Purple
Puff! Not lookin good Nice gun
Girls with rapiers Those are lasers,I think Skewered
Demon police? Concentrated bullets Spread-shot
Those are drums Very scary drums Nuclear drums?
Mechwarrior underworld Tanks Peacekeeper pulse pistol?
Hit & run I WILL EAT YOUR BRAINS THAT'S a short sword?
Three on one "Who you callin' short?" Yes, that's a shovel
+3 to Shovel Atk Waterfall or shovel tech? "You forgot your vaccine!!!"
Flu shot Now you'll be afraid of needles Clouds?
*poke* Etna
02.21.2005 A Handful of Screens IT Media
Invite! Who do you want to invite? Status menu
Another informative menu Eh, she's not so tough A fierce battle?
02.21.2005 A Handful of Screens IT Media
That floor doesn't look too sturdy Yowza! Fighting in the trench
Shiny machines Engage the enemy The beasts come, command?
So many choices to choose from
01.11.2005 Truck Load of Screens
24dm Confine Invite
Snow field Shouting Drill man
Bombs away now Blast Check
Def down Weeee Also makes fries
So lonely Drill man again Such a pretty cliff
Battle on the planks Sparkle Tree house of doom
Floating demon face Tree house strikes back He is so popular
You got served Rada-tat-tat Army of Magicite armor
The drill army Take that, sub-space! To the face
Prepare to fire Smoke cloud I know kung-fu
Town square In town again By the river
Green guy on status Menus Brown guy on status
Flashing light In front of the church Hospital
Fort A Building Dog house
Whatever you say Chemist on status Thats a lot of fire
Load axe Rockets
11.17.2004 More Screens
Menu screen Da King Combat
Get some, chibi head! Glowing goodness
11.12.2004 First Screens Source: Impress Game Watch
Face off! In space, no one can hear you gripe You call that a demon castle?
Bossing the minions around A flying house "Your presence is requested in my demon army."
Spiffy new house A church? For demons? A battle of not-quite-epic proportions
Uh oh, I think we're surrounded Blowing stuff up Defending a house from enemies
A hospital to treat the injured


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