Makai Kingdom - Artwork
04.04.2005 Weapons & Tanks
Unusually pretty axe Jeweled book Deadly flu shot
Unreal Tournament DK's conga or Mario's hammer? Deadly machine gun
Great for thrusting Duck Hunt Squating mechwarrior
Root canal? Ancient weapon Speed racer
Metroid? A long-short sword Yes, that's a shovel
A sword A lot of drums Spikey
02.21.05 Two New Characters IT Media
Scientific Goth Chick Shadowy Figure
02.18.05 Troops and Characters Artwork
Chemist Healer Archer
Thief Merchant Mechanic
Male Soldier Female Soldier Male Swordmaster
Female Swordmaster Male Wizard Female Wizard
Male Infantry Female Infantry Royal King Dark III
Trenia Si Doru Darkness Dragon Babylon
Yikes!!! That's right, you losers! Bring it on!!! Chilling by the campfire.
Uh yeah, next time less--dynamite.
01.11.05 Mecha Fun Artwork
Gunner mecha Module Laser cannon
Turbo bike
11.12.04 Game Artwork
Demon King Zeta Cutesy art Scary art
Workers of the demon world, unite! Full art of Demon King Zeta Demon King Zeta as The Book of Omniscience
The Prophet Pram A Bundle of Evil Male Soldier
Female Soldier Male Monk Male Mage
Female Mage Prinnie

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