The Legend of Alon D'Ar - Starring Yil

Character Information
Pronounced:    EE ill
Race:    Dragonet
Sex:    Female
Battle:    Being of Wyrd
Background:    Yil, like all dragonets, are creatures completely in tune with the Wyrd, and can cast magic at will. She pops in and out of whatever hole in the Wyrd dragonets call home at will. When with Tylonee in the physical world, she hovers nearby. The bond they share is stronger than that of a mother and child or between lovers. Yil chose Tylonee to be her companion because Tylonee is sensitive to the Wyrd - something dragonets can sense instinctively; Yil's Wyrd is now as one with Tylonee's.

If Tylonee were to die, so would Yil, and Yil would never hesitate to give her life for Tylonee. Yil speaks a language of sorts only Tylonee can understand, which is less word or abstract though and more emotions. Yil always knows what Tylonee is feeling, so it is impossible for the Kemarran to hide her feelings from the Dragonet; Yil often acts out the feelings Tylonee is feeling but will not show.

"The Void is filled with the power of the Wyrd, and to the delight of the Kemarran, is a nesting place for dragonets."
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