The Legend of Alon D'Ar - Starring Jarik

Character Information
Pronounced:    ty LON ee
Race:    Kemarran
Sex:    Female
Battle:    Dagger of Virtue Warrior
Background:    Tylonee was raised to be a member of the Moonclaw tribe, which she took as a great responsiblity. To everyone's amazement and to her own shock, a dragonet appeared and bonded with her, becoming her Familiar. This immediately earned her high rank and an induction into the Daggers. She has served as a Dagger since the age of 15 and thinks of little else but honor, her duty, and her younger sister Leyalla. She eventually becomes an Outcast, and her world is shattered; she feels she has nothing left but to follow Jarik in his quest. Tylonee would be lost without Jarik's unshakable trust.

Tylonee is several years older than Leyalla and has always been protective towards her. Tyronee is under the false belief that her younger sister is merely flighty and that she will eventually settle down into a normal Kemarran life. Her familiar, Yil, serves as Tylonee's protector, and by bonding with Tylonee has taught her his language. Only extremely talented Sarojin mages have accomplished this in the past.

"A Dagger is the higest place a woman can aspire for, short of being the Matron herself. Daggers are considered to be sisters in everything, save a blood relation. There is nothing more dishonorable than one Dagger killing another."
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