The Legend of Alon D'Ar - Starring Tahir

Character Information
Pronounced:    tah HEER
Race:    Dagani
Sex:    Male
Battle:    Skilled Fighter
Background:    Tahir is a rare Dagani twin. However, his twin Mahir is dead, and so Tahir must venture out beyond the lands of Dagan to find his killer, and avenge his brother's soul - or lose his own. Mahir stills haunts him as a ghost; some people believe Tahir to be mad, though it is difficult to tell with the Dagani. Since Mahir was always the leader of the two, Tahir follows Jarik's lead in his twin's stead.

Tahir is boisterious as a Dagani normally is. He is also arrogant, reckless, and quick to pass judgement, likely because of his special pampered upbringing. He is very stubborn about his beliefs, which is a trait common to his race; but with the death of his brother, he is sometimes forced to reevaluate some of those standards. Since his skin has been adapted to the swamps his clan lives in, he is not fond of the colder regions of the world.

" Dagani women bear only one child per birth; when two are born, it is considered a gift of the Wyrd. Indeed, these twin children share a special psychic bond - considered one soul within two bodies - and are usually gifted with some forms of magic."
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