The Legend of Alon D'Ar - Starring Sundeep

Character Information
Pronounced:    Suhn DEEP
Race:    Sarojin
Sex:    Male
Battle:    Wyrd
Background:    Sundeep is 96 years old, still a bit young for a Sarojin. He has trained long and arduously in the art of the Wyrd, and knows well how it works and a great amount about it. Also given basic combat training, Sundeep is able to protect himself while travelling. He is considered an intermediate mage, and has a fair amount of respect. As a Sarojin, he has little understanding of a nuclear family; at an early age in the clutch, he showed signs of being a strong learner and was apprenticed to a mage. He spent many a year looking through dusty scrolls and mastering spells. After his 20-year apprenticeship, and after his travells to learn about other cultiures and races, Sundeep returned to Palesh, and spent the next 35 years studying arcane knowledge.

His long studies brought him to the attention of a famous mage named SilverScale. Sundeep was in total awe of SilverScale, and was deeply honored to have SilverScale become his mentor. Sundeep is devoted to SilverScale's purpose, mainly through SilverScale's nuturing in him arrogance and a feeling of superiority over others. Sundeep is basically good, but is still naive in a way, never really connecting with anyone of another race despite his extensive travels. Sundeep has joined Jarik's quest in order to truly learn about others, perhaps for the first time in his long life.

"Their territory, known as the Palesh, is comprised entirely of warm jungle; this temperate climate does not adversely affect them if they travel into cold or arid lands, however."
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