Legend of Alon D'Ar - The Sarojin
Race Information
Trait:    Lizard-like
Subclasses:    None
Homelands:    Warm Jungle
Sarojin are long living creatures, many living past 200, though 120 or thereabouts is their prime. They are avid learners and often pick up scolarly professions from librarians to powerful mages. They battle as needed to defend themselves, and can be called neither pacifistic nor aggressive. Their territory, known as the Palesh, is comprised entirely of warm jungle; this temperate climate does not adversely affect them if they travel into cold or arid lands, however. The Sarojin have learned to make their temples and buildings from the M'Tok, making them minor stoneworkers. The Sarojin propagate their species by mass mating once per year, and having a set portion of the population guard the eggs from predators and raise them once they hatch; this creates a sense of bond amonst the race as a whole, and prevents most internal bloodshed.

The Sarojin do compete amonst themselves, it is merely for status, rank, or differentiating ideals rather than for blood. Stature is the most valued aspect to a Sarojin. Since they have such a long lifespan, they must go through decades of apprenticeship in their chosen profession before they can be considered for their specific job's council. There is a council for each and every job in the Sarojin society. The leader of each of these councils belongs to a higher council, directed by the Master Mage, leader of their society. Naturally, with respect to their long lifespan, the Sarojin often will spend large amounts of time in these Councils, arguing different merits. It is the butt of many a joke amonst the other species'.

The mightiest and most respected class within the Sarojin is that of a Mage. A student of the Wyrd must endure many long years of training, and can only continue beyond that if they find a Mage who is willing to take them under their wing and continue their teaching. Sarojin are usually past their 100th year before they become full Mages; even then, amonst the other Mages they are considered merely beginners. Though they are better known for their scolastic and magical pursuits, the Sarojin have also garnered respect for their fighting abilities.

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