Legend of Alon D'Ar - The Orin
Race Information
Trait:    Human
Subclasses:    Kemarran
Homelands:    Hill and Forest Regions
Many, many years ago, the Orin actually branched off into two distinct peoples. The Orin do not name themselves, as there is no banding between different Orin clans, as they constantly fight for territory amonst themselves and other races. They are based off of a feudal system, where a large Keep and it's master will control from one to a dozen surrounding villages. When these masters of the Keeps, or Lords, aren't out cracking skulls with an opponent, they are busy making or breaking alliances to other Lords, if one or the other works to their advantage. When the main character, Jarik, is born, there is no king over these feuding Lords. For a King to reign, one Lord must dominate over all; needless to say, this does not happen often.

There is a peasant class, a merchant class, and a noble class, just as one expects from the feudal system. A person is either known from their bloodline (in the case of nobles), or by the keep they live in or under (such as Hollow Grange, a central location to the game). Peasants do all of the work, while merchants drive the economy with trading. These merchants trade a wide variety of goods; anything from raw materials to finished items, and a large amount of agricultural produce as well, the sweat and blood of the peasants. Noble blood is distinguished by a line of Orin that have held onto a certain Keep and/or area for a long time. Nobles do little but squabble amonst themselves and waste away the day. Nobles are the final word in their domain; if one is accused or convicted of a crime wrongly, their only hope is to flee to another territory.

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