The Legend of Alon D'Ar - Starring Leyalla

Character Information
Pronounced:    ley YAHL lah
Race:    Kemarran
Sex:    Female
Battle:    Moonclaw Warrior
Background:    Leyalla has snent her entire life in the shadow of her older sister, Tylonee, and because of it, is the precise opposite of her. Leyalla is many things including very wild, undisciplined, emotional and moody, as well as highly unpredictable. Trying to live up to the grand reputation of her sister has been difficult. Expecting to attract a familiar as well during her Initiation, she was utterly crushed when she failed to do so; Tylonee's support and words of comfort meant nothing to her. She has also yet to enter the Daggers of Virtue.

"...Moonclaws may marry and bear children as normal, though they are still required to do service. Men often stay home to care for the children while the women are away fighting."
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