Legend of Alon D'Ar - The Kemarran
Race Information
Trait:    Human
Subclasses:    Orin
Homelands:    Open Grasslands
The Kemarran warrior women actually attempted to leave the Orin peacefully, tired of the domineering attitudes of the male warriors. Instead, they needed to fight their way through the angry Orin. They retreated into the grasslands as far away as they could go. Not wishing to be associated with their former clansmates, they called themselves the Kemarr after this first leader, called by the title Matron, Kemarriana. All the lands of these nomad peoples are called "The Kemarr" or the "Kemarran Highlands". Developed over time, the tribe of the Kemarr has divided into three class divisions: the Windsingers, the Moonclaws, and the Guildsmen.

The Kemarran men are guildsmen, and no longer fighters. Within their specific roles, they are quite valued. They have done exceedingly well as traders, bringing prosperity to the clan as a whole, in works of crafts, livestock, and livestock products. There are guilds for each section of responsibility, with many ranks and status, up to and including Guild Masters. The Windsingers are the shamans (magic users) of the Kemarr tribe. Only women are magic users; the same goes for warriors. When a female displays strong leanings towards the Wyrd, they are trained in the magical arts and are expected to use them to security and good health to the people and grasslands. Windisngers are they only Kemarrans who are able to create the unique Tattoos of the Wyrd; these tattoos endow upon the bearer the powers of magic. These distinguished women are responsible for the protection of their Matron. The Matron selects her advisors from senior warrior women, Daggers, and men that are senion masters in their guilds.

Finally is the Moonclaws, the warrior women. The most talented of these fighters are inducted into the Daggers of Virtue. A Dagger must remain chaste for her entire life; Moonclaws may marry and bear children as normal, though they are still required to do service. Men often stay home to care for the children while the women are away fighting. A Dagger is the higest place a woman can aspire for, short of being the Matron herself. Daggers are considered to be sisters in everything, save a blood relation. There is nothing more dishonorable than one Dagger killing another.

The most sacred place to the Kemarran is Dragon's Maw. It is a temple, graciously constructed by M'Ton and Sarojin stoneworkers, over The Void; what The Void is precisely, nobody knows, but all know if something is put into the void it never returns. The Void is filled with the power of the Wyrd, and to the delight of the Kemarran, is a nesting place for dragonets. Dragon's Maw is used for a variety of purposes: to vote for a new Matron, to celebrate special events, to initiate young women into warrior or mage classes, or to punish a criminal. Cr

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