The Legend of Alon D'Ar - Starring Jarik

Character Information
Pronounced:    JARE ik
Race:    Orin
Sex:    Male
Battle:    Sword and Wyrd
Background:    Jarik was born into the rocky Orin society. Rumour has it he may be the offspring of two warring clans, a love match, but one that would never be allowed. Either way, Jarik was left as an infant on the doorstep of a peasant couple; he does not know his real parents. His adopted parents watched on with awe as their foster son grew to become a talented warrior; however, being elderly when they first found him, they are now dead.

Since he was considered the son of peasants, he was denied knight training by the local Lord, the training instead going to those of more noble blood. Jarik, instead, watched carefully from afar and taught himself. Jarik has a natural talent for using the Wyrd, and can cast some spells. Though still young, he has a maturity far beyond his age, which in part pushes him to find whatever he feels driving him forward, no matter where this drive may lead.

"The Orin do not name themselves, as there is no banding between different Orin clans, as they constantly fight for territory amongst themselves and other races."
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