The Legend of Alon D'Ar - Starring Grandar

Character Information
Pronounced:    Grahn DAR
Race:    Orin
Sex:    Male
Battle:    Multitude of Weapons
Background:    Grandar "inherited" Hollow Grange from his ailing uncle (which he killed to gain control of the keep and surrounding villages it controls). Arrogance is one of his most obvious traits, stemming from the fact he has known rank and power for so long. He has a small amount of wealth and little power; he does not like this situation, being a greedy man, and wants to increase his territory, intending to by force. His wealth would be much greater if he didn't constantly spend it on weapons and armor, wine and wenches, for himself and for his men. He is as a normal Orin Lord, shifting his alliances and political standing as it best suits him.

In Grandar's mind, war represents his manhood, and therefore spends a lot of time waging war or practising for it. He takes whatever pleases him with little to no regard for the welfare of the commoners under his reign; his people either fear him, hate him, or both. Grandar is known to have a bad temper, and will strike out in anger. He is currently trying to curry an alliance with the Kemarrans; but he would never for a second consider a women equal to him, inside or out of battle.

"Nobles are the final word in their domain; if one is accused or convicted of a crime wrongly, their only hope is to flee to another territory."
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