Legend of Alon D'Ar - The Elzar
Race Information
Trait:    Elemental
Subclasses:    M'Ton
Homelands:    Underground
Volcanic Regions
Glaciers and Ice Packs
Rock Elementals:    When the M'Ton tired of the surface world, they retreated to the underground. Stonemasters and Stonemovers built monumentous buildings, and began cultivating gardens of crystals. These crystals would become Crystals of Memory, which is makes the M'Ton the only elemental "clan" to attempt to keep records of past moments or deeds. These crystals are infused with the power of the Wyrd. Beyond the crystals, the M'Ton have problems thinking of more than just the moment at hand. The M'Ton is the most sophisticated of the three elementals, having worked with outside races on rare occasions and possessing an underlying sense of unshakable justice. No element gives themselves individual names, merely identifying themselves by their clan.
Lava Elementals:    The P'Gok are extremely inverted, likely stemming from the fact that they must bathe in lava regularly. These fiery elementals disdain "flesh beings", and would not help them at all. P'Gok have complete control over their magmar territory, but their skills waver slightly when attemtping to control straight fire. No Elzar can breed normally, as they have no sex nor any therefore cannot breed like humans would. Instead, the elementals from an entire clan must get together and create new life using the Wyrd. This keeps the population of Elzar of any clan low. The P'Tok gain their name from the sound of popping bubbles. They care only about the exploration of their specific element, lava, and the defense of their volcanos. Their minds only understand the present; they donít think about the past or future.
Ice Elementals:    Each subspecies of Elzar has powerful control of their Wyrd element only. While K'Tik, the Elementals of Ice, have complete control over frozen water, but are limited in their ability to manipulate water. The K'tik and the P'Tok share an unsurprising enmity, because their elements are so polar to each other. They have no interest in dealing with outsiders, and it can be argued outsiders want little to do with them. They are a chaotic clan, and are prone to sudden and violent mood swings. They keep the tunnels beneath their icy home and within the Frost Mountains highly maintained. Blue happens to be their favorite color, and the cracking and shifing of ice is music to their ears. They live the longest lifespan of all the elementals, in keeping with the longevity of their icy domain. They considering human lives, much shorter than their own, fleeting and meaningless.

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