Legend of Alon D'Ar - The Dagani
Race Information
Trait:    Amphibian
Subclasses:    None
Homelands:    Swamplands
The Dagani just may be the toughest and most resilient warriors on the planet of Chandar. Their ability to fight is currently dampered by the fact that they are few in numbers, though since the tendency for both male and female Dagani is shifting towards mulitple mates during their life, this may help repopulate the species more faster. Dagani women bear only one child per birth; when two are born, it is considered a gift of the Wyrd. Indeed, these twin children share a special psychic bond - considered one soul within two bodies - and are usually gifted with some forms of magic. Twins are raised as pampered as they can get, but do not grow up spoiled; they are also trained in physical and mental prowesses and, once reaching adulthood, serve as guardians for their people. If a twin dies, the other is soon to follow. If a twin has fallen during battle, the surviving twin must avenge the death or fall into death himself. The live Dagani is often haunted by their twin's ghost during this process.

The swamp people live in raised huts and spend their training, caring for the hatcheries, and tending their crops. They also periodically raid other clans of Dagani. Unlike their neighbors, the Sarojin, whom bask in written knowledge, the Dagoni fear it, neing convinced it is pur lies. They feel once something is written down, it is never qustioned as truth again. They would rather see a person face to face and ascertain if they are deceitful or not. Thus, their culture is passed down in epics, recited poems, and songs. These songs are passed down to each generation through a Truth Speaker; if a Truth Speaker were ever to lie, he would be severely punished. The Dagani have acclimated themselves to their swamps, and suffer some slowdown if they are forced into cold or arid climates. They distrust outside lands.

Dagani are ruled by a war chief, whom is tested each year by a champion. Though these amphibians are hotheaded, they are also known for fast reflexes, lightning fast decision making, and grand feats of power or speed. They are known for their thirst for life and boisterous attitudes. They are not a subtle people. Their loyalty may be hard to garner, but once it is received, it is dependable for life. Dagani have tendrils on their head which serve two purposes. One is for when they swim underwater, storing breathable air. The second is for those in touch with the Wyrd, who use them to channel the energy required for spellcasting. A dagani will never cut off another's tendrils, even in the heat of battle; it is considered despicable to do so, and so is used as punishment for severe crimes.

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