.hack - Propaganda
07.09.2002 .hack//sign Screens
Clash of swords "Wait, this isn't Venice?" Googleshng's lost cousin
She's looking mellow Squad leader with the horned helmet "You and I treasure battle!"
Out cold He's laughing at something "I can never get that one hair to stand up straight."
"Come with me if you want to live." A feline in disguise An important conversation
She's looking surprised Now she's wearing a dog collar! Star Wars reference?
A VERY large moon rises over the castle "I wish they would stop calling me Viking..." A meeting in the forest
Pissed off The staff has importance Something is blocking the view
Moooooo The slain warrior A blue-haired punk!
Mystic ring "Don't worry, my rain spells never fail!" She looks so cute, yet so deadly!
Why is his face painted like that? Yet another close-up Plateaus peeking through the clouds
She must be pretty cold! What IS he looking at? Prayers go out
"Of course I used oil-based paints!" All layered up for the cold Dumped by their boyfriends
He's thinking hard about something Is it alive? Is it garlic? "You wish you could look as good as me."
Gigantic fungi in the background "Will there be decapitation? Find out next week!" What could he be depressed about?
Had enough close-ups yet? "Just give me THIS much morphine! M'kay?" The umpteenth close-up
Looking very ghastly... Dangling the purple gem Ready to pass through the doors
Apparently there is no agreement Sitting in some dungeon  
07.09.2002 .hack//ova Screens
Obviously tired A .hack logo Paramedics to the rescue
Doctors debate their course of action She slowly regains consciousness Walking home from band practice
"If I don't get some caffine, I'm going to drop dead." Back at home "Wanna learn how to became a 1337 h4x0r?"
"Just run this little script kiddie program!" Reminds you of The Matrix does it not? Japanese schoolgirls
She's feeling tired again Secrets being shared That old dude is being sneaky
05.27.2002 OVA Screens
Critical condition Staring intently Jaded look
Running from school Dangerous situation Standing in the rain
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