Wish - Screen Shots
12.30.2004 Dusk Screens
Armed at the entrance Long-range shot From another angle
Here come the stars
10.30.2004 Wishful Screens
A poignant example of ancient ceiling-worship No one in sight A giant stone joystick?
Approach the bowl... Outside at night Moving around...
...and around... ...and there's the entrance! Wish's rendition of a boy-band member
Back turned to the doorway. Real smart. It's a sword! No, it's a torch! No, it' A saddle, but no reins
A port in winter A snow shovel might be more appropriate than a spear The storm picks up
It's a blizzard I have a hammer Whatever he's planning, leave me out of it
Gnomes and kilts: a winning combination Well, back to work Magic circle
"I want my hair back!" "Give me a better camera angle!" Gnomes do magic, too
09.27.2004 A Boatload of Screens
Idyllic riverside Going for a stroll... ...through a graveyard
Scarecrows in the distance Sheep in pasture Town square
House interior Forboding entrance Step gingerly...
Welcome to First Titan Bank Atlas in the corner Snow-covered buildings
"I decorated myself. Why?" Go on, give him a hug First-ghost perspective
What is with all the floating armor? I'm good. You good? I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK...
Take a walk, boy And here are today's contestants Food
Through the underbrush The city at sunset An evil swamp
Set sail Docking Bare-chested in the day
Bare-chested at night Just outside the town at night Deeper into the forest
Stairs up Another forest shot The raging sea
Blue skies smiling at me... A perfect day Just outside this village
Ruins by a volcano Mmm...toasty Pools of lava
Well. This is different. Marsh Another shot of the marsh
Yet another shot of the marsh Guess what this is a shot of? Yep.
06.17.2003 First Screens
"Hey buddy... quit hoggin' the anvil." This screen must be staged Boo!
"Nobody Boos me! Get 'im, boys!" Your resident blurber is temporarily unavalable due to doberman wounds "Heh heh heh... I disabled their filter."
Ever get that feeling? A bizarre structure "Shall we dance?"
Compound eyes versus one eye Don't mind me "And if you walk into my sword, it's your fault"
One word: Burnination After months of FFX-2, finally: something for the ladies! "Er... these things go splat?"
Pesticides: The new threat "Fine. Be that way. I'll just go to Thainesford by myself then. I HATE YOU!" Five... make that four's company
When you Wish upon a star... ...doesn't matter if you're a dog...
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