Wish - Art
12.30.2004 Return of the Concept Art
The Cave of the Keepers Tun-Baeru, the Sightless Eye Fountain
Temple of the Three Orders "The Light of Hope" Fountain Larocian Royal Banner
Zalmira Mage Tower Blue Order Banner Nadirak Blade Fiend
Thought Reaper Pestilence Fiend Noble Vampires
Not someone to mess with Lend a hand? Lamia
Anneal Lightbringer and Lienne Hawksbreath Famine Fiend Frost Cat
Two gnomes
09.27.2004 More Concept Art
Female cyclops Female human Male human
Male cyclops Elvan female Male imp
Elvan male Female dwarf Female imp
Male gnome Female gnome Female dragonkin
Male dragonkin Male dwarf Earth elemental
Goblin Ieles Jabberwock
Greater Demon Mord Rot Guardian
Wight Attorcroppe Vetch
Hop Devil Lich Treant
Cave Dragon Cockatrice Ichneumon
Gryphon Hobgoblin Yeti
Driss Leecher Nadirak War Fiend
Death Fiend Viper Witch Wyvern
Sprite Gryllus Greywolf Bandit
Tarasque The Chasm Sunken church
Sighing Towers Chamber of Shatterspire Bridge Imp Tower
The Heart of the World Windlord Monument Ancient high ogre statue
Krushok Meir Stargazer Fort
06.17.2003 Concept Art
Caw! Stylin' "Duh... hullo!"
Somebody dropped the wheelbarrow "Argh! I dropped the wheelbarrow!" Class of '03
The ladies represent Chomp!
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