Shining Lore - Screen Shots
06.05.2003 E3 Screens
Little. Blue. Evil. Miss! Jumping attack
Panda attack! Jumping over the slimes That's... different
Some kind of attack? Another shiny magic attack Nice.. 4-legged.. chicken
07.11.2002 More Screens
A large battle "This is the agent training program..." Look at all those swords
"Only two things come out of Texas!" Lining up for the rock concert tickets A strange version of chess
Better whip out the flame retardant Never try to make a wild animal your pet A precarious situation
05.14.2002 Another Look impress Watch
Opening screen Fighting a rabbit-like creature Chatting in town
Fighting in the desert heat All sorts of weaponry Under the shade of the palms
A receptionist's desk, looks like Trying out some new clothing "Do I look fat in this?"
Yet another outfit More character customization Changing that hair around a bit
Looks a bit shorter "Hi there!" And her name? Dotty!
Smack! An inventory of items A nice loading screen
Inside Hanging out with the locals Night has come, at last
Danger: Sharp Objects! Weapons out in such a loving way Aiming from the shadows
Armor inventory Surrounded in the desert Pick a weapon
Lots of chatting
02.01.2002 First screens
Tennis anyone? Success Conversation within the game
Night falls Chatting in the shade Take that, demonic panda!
Leveling up A spell is cast A stampede
Nice floor pattern
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