Shining Lore - Artwork
06.05.2003 E3 Artwork
Panda A gathering of characters Panda piggyback
Yet another panda
07.11.2002 More Character art
Bio McDogal Eto Sepha Mene Areea
Rune Lagnas Sandra Wires Serin Gride
Siena Ivory Win Fordham The Shining Lore characters
07.04.2002 Character art
Siena Ivory Eto Sepha Win Fordham
Serin Gride Sandra Wires Mene Arcea
Rune Lagnas Bio MacDogal
02.01.2002 First art
An odd structure An avatar in no armour Armour for the avatar
The avatar in the armour A boxing avatar A magic user
A swordsman Heeere's Johnny Crossbow toting avatar
Female ranger A spearman A resolute lancer
Want a carrot? A wild boar A helmeted animal
Nice tail A group of wariors A menacing club
Sharper than my wit A strange wand A sturdy dirk
Would make Thor proud Wouldn't be steampunk without guns Add punch to your punch
A throwing dagger Well what if it does snow A polearm
I guess if you drop your gun A sturdy hatchet Don't leave home without one
A bright and colourful map A dark and shady one
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