Priest - Screen Shots
06.19.2003 Tons o' screens!
I only left the wagon for a minute! Not a very friendly looking environment. Cowboy in town.
Run, Heretic, run! Ahh, expansiveness is nice. Sure you have enough money for all that?
A nice "rear" shot. Chop chop. The Heretics have it kinda rough.
Spying the moon. Town? I see no town. BRAAAAAAAINS.
Mmm, tasty environment. Reload! Nice textures...
Leveling up in a random field. Slice and dice. Rusty axe? Isn't that a bit cliché?
Ready to make dinner, sir! Sharpshooting. Mmmm, eat brains.
Whoops, incoming breast attack. A well-placed chop. Juicy gibs.
A city square? This looks like PVP to me! That cross up there looks pretty.
One of the twelve Circle of Power sites. Ooo, detailed shadowing. In a church, it seems.
Fountain picture. Now THAT'S a gun! Tall rock formations.
Looking up. Dual pistols. Tasty. Disgruntled heretic. isn't that just wonderful? Heretic-ruled church. Pretty polygons.
Another character + sky shot. Shinies! I don't think heretic women believe in bras.
...but the Templar women do! A shotgun with a drum? Interesting. Another fleshy Heretic.
Yep, looks evil to me. Super secret meeting! Her staff is vaguely disturbing.
You can see the moon this time. Not a happy looking fellow. Shotgun: Now doubles as a hanky!
You lose. Yeah. Don't mess with the cavalry. I want an... arm... like that!
Circle of Power site shinies. Arm cannon. New female Megaman? The atmosphere is nicer at night.
Not very useful looking wings. Keep that thing away from my eye.
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