Mythica - Artwork
10.18.2003 Latest Conceptuals
Female Berserker Human Archer Human Berserker
Human Soldier LL Male Berserker ML Male Berserker
08.13.2003 Concept Art
Dvergar Harvester of Flame Frost Giant
Huntress Pyromancer Ogre
Midgard Pyromancer Fenris
Midgard Gate Settlement Demonologist
Hunter Male Pyromancer Midgard Serpent
Early Female Trickster Early Male Trickster More Trickster Art
..with weapons this time! Ghost A Bleak Canyon
Smoking Volcanoes Odin Dark Forest
Asgard Ymir E3 Thor
Týr Skadi E3 Freya
Entrance to Asgard Frey Berserker
Mountain Pass Storm Giant Oracle
Archer Autumn Forest Fire Giant
Scimitar Gauntlet Sword Dwarf Staff
Two Handed Sword Dwarf Sword
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