MU - Screen Shots
06.17.2003 Yearly Screenage
People everywhere! Ring of Fire, Ring of Fire Raindrops keep burning off my head
Angelic Fury Glowing Balls Air Phoenix
More Air Battle Attacking Hello, Biggun!
Glowing Star Glowing Balls 2 Zap, Zap
More Spellcasting Sparks will fly again. More spells.
06.20.2003 Spell screens and more
Wield the staff and they will follow. Nice shield designs. Yup. That's me.
A body decomposes. Looks like seaweed... He doesn't seem to mind either way.
She looks okay. This guy, on the other hand, is not impressed. Birds flying around.
Ladybug? One character done. 834
"Excuse me sir? You've got a green aura around you." Sparks will fly. A whole posse now.
Wide shot of the aura pair. Just chillin'. I'm happy too.
Still chillaxing. All alone now... This guy knows how to take it easy.
Decisions, decisions... Talk to the staff 'cause the face isn't listening! "Hi from everyone at MU!"
Unicorn. Don't play leapfrog with it. Is that the old RPGamer symbol in the corner? "Hi, Coffee."
Wings? There's that beverage again! Explanations.
Three other guys have his name. BBQ. Man and beast take a rest.
Resting is good. I really want to hang out with this guy now. Her too.
No, but I'll take his cloak. Leg about to be bitten. The mad flying dentures strike again!
Only the sacred purple sword can stop them! They've changed into a gauntlet! This guy is supposed to be an elf of sorts. Not a blatant rip-off, mind you, but an "elf."
Scoring some treasure. Magic portal? Boom!
Alone at night. Warping in a Protoss base. Fighting in a tight corner.
Shockwave. Shockbeam. Will o' wisps.
"Geez, after all these hazards, there's only one thing left..." Don't forget ice spikes. Armored goblin.
Flame column. More spells. Snow fighting.
A big spell. A long spell. A missed spell.
Destroying stone. Three ways. Moving blocks.
Sacred power? Better role out the red carpet just in case. Twirling is big in RPGs these days.
Full health. ...I can't even tell... A twirled golem.
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