Middle-Earth Online - Screen Shots
11.20.2003 High Res Shots Gamer's Hell
Bindbale Farmer Maggot's Balrog's mighty swordwhip
Battle in the Barrow Statue or Nemesis? Exploring the depths
A large, open room Staving the hordes Prevail sir knight!
"My armor! It's sparking!" "No, I have a longer sword" Casting a murderous shadow
"How do you know this corpse is fresh?" Of flight or folley Inspecting the throne
Silhoutted Preparing for battle Trapsing the mists
Beautiful architecture The energy of the depths Receving the blow
More skellie action Down the stairwell The lovely town of Bree
A complete line of housing Merchants a peddlin' Weathering through the rain
A back alley, lined with clothes The monstrous gates of Bree Embracing the atmosphere
Overlooking events The statues in the park Sturdy staircase?
Battle rages on in the Old FOrest "You hold that blade like a sissy" A magnificent party
"Awww come on, just one spell?" Illuminati Gazing into the blue
Reminiscient of a hobbit's life Conversation in the Shire A chasmal barrier
Home sweet hobbit hole Open up to light One Bilbo'ee birthday!
Gazing on the shoreline A battle between man and beast One of these people is not like the others...
The gardening methods of a hobbit Menacing goblins Kinetics
The Balrog, in all his glory Still as ugly as ever The evil which looms under Moria
A simple chef Chattin' with the cook Exploring the tavern
Showing off the decor A conversation among halfmen The glow of the hearth
He doesn't know, really A fellow adventurer Reminds me of myself at the pub
Higher light scenario Back to the depths of Barrows The battle continues
A mother with her babies Alien/Spider crossbreed "It's coming right for us!"
Guarding the territory Burninating the countryside Showing off the fangs... and long tongue
"Just walk away, slowly" Or, ya know, fight them Makes ya wonder how they set that up
A misleading entrance?
10.12.2003 Look out for the spiders!
There's one now! Nice little watewheel Goblins, they look angry
Archer dude Another archer dude Nasty lookin' tree
Another one! Grrrr Nice doggy
No! Another one! There are so many! Run!!! Hehe, do you want a treat?
Burn it all! Yikes! Is that potable?
A victorious dude Monument in the sunlight House on the prairie
Get the chickens! I'm all out of treats!
06.12.2003 First Look
A hobbit overlooks the water Hobbiton settlement By the road
Guarding a throne A more dangerous-looking area
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