Imperator - Screen Shots
05.16.2005 Alius Recognitio (That's "Second Look" For You Non-Latin Speakers) Gamespot
That soldier is wondering the same this as you, "How on EARTH is this an RPG?" Killzone meets Sparta A soldier shoots
That planet looks dangerously close... "Blast that girl and her secret garden! We'll find her yet..." A soldier strikes a dashing pose
Try as he might, Oog-lok couldn't escape the vengeful glow of the BLUE CIRCLE Hey, weren't there people here a few screens ago? "...Dude, is my gun supposed to do this?"
"Aw's smoking now. I get the feeling this isn't good." "Captain, we've passed this stupid tree, like, eight times!" "Chief, the Covenant are coming! Oh...waitaminute..."
Purple camo would definitely be more suitable A soldier shoots dramatically Welcome to Seattle
Does this remind anyone else of a Quake II with greenery?
03.30.2005 First Look
Barren wasteland Rocky mountains Salvage yard
Busy Plaza Traffic is light this afternoon A mysterious building
The symbol of power and strength It's even eerier at night
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