Imperator - Artwork
05.16.2005 Alius Recognitio (That's "Another Inspection" For You Non-Latin Speakers) Gamespot
Hades Prime Luna Terranova
Can you say "claustrophobia?" It's big Reminiscent of Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Hellboy as a youth Ooh, scary Now THAT'S albino
03.30.2005 First Look
Roman battlegear Building sketch Roman ideas with a futuristic flair
Trojan warship Hades concept art View from the moon?
Research facility...of the future! Rockin' mohawk or space helmet? A well-hidden hideout
Luna landscape City skyline Biomechanical armor
Biomechanical, with matching accessory Public transportation An aged warrior
Soldier's uniform A movie theatre that seats a million A gunner's best friend
Quite the enigmatic building Cannon or transport? Starship
Galactic freighter Military weapon The start of the sword monument
An inn and pub for your adventure
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