Guild Wars - Screen Shots
03.26.2005 Beta Event Screens (Exclusive)
Jeff Walker's Beta Screens in MMORPGamer
03.12.2005 Gorgeous New Screens Jeux-France
Looks like he's about to give someone a bad day Ummm... my money's on the monster Nice country road
A creepy-looking hallway This lady means business Strike a pose
Have levitation, will travel Sexy and exotic Menu Screen Action
Ah, the dawn of a new day Sky-cam view of some continents Gathering outside the governor's mansion
Eww, I think someone lost an eye Pep talk before entering the woods Camouflaged statue
Ready to fight More and more menus Asking for a blessing from the gods
Sailor Moon in the woods Nice, pastoral cottage Another shot of the cottage
He's off to find his destiny! And so is she! Ancient ruins
This must be where the bad guys are That is one huge gate The fireworks of war
Yessiree, the snakes grow mighty big 'round these parts! Stand-off Another one of those dynamite-tipped swords
Battle frenzy Battle frenzy 2
02.18.2005 Hands-on Screens
Sunny Necro Dead Necro Crystal Shrine
Theatrical Statue Haunting Gate Going Forward
Gates of the Academy How Greecian Say Necro!
Breathtaking View Gwentastic A Violent Storm
Forest Peering Lookie! Hammer! Flaming Statue
More Landscapes Dora's Reject Underground Waterfall
Village Trees Rockin' Out!
Taking a Swim Just Sitting Truncheon Portrait
06.16.2004 Some More Screens
Yes, this is in-game Apocolypse Anyone? Pure as Snow
Forest Screen Hive Scene Bridge
Glowing Lone Monster Mountainside
Little Devils More Beauty Mayor Wilkins is back!
Dual Attacks Hellhound Posing Woman
Bad Mammajamma Forest Oasis Dragon Battle
Snakeman Heroic Poses Red as Blood
Rain Sorceress Undead Dragon Beastmaster
Golden City Beautiful Orange Sky Blue and Purple
05.14.2003 E3 Screens
Aiming a little TOO high Nice wolf! Minotaurs
Casting something Albino Woman Forest Dweller
Dragon, Eek! This Ain't Linda Exploding Magical Ring
Winter Wonderland
07.30.2003 More Screens
"The new guy makes for good bait, eh?" Nice shrubbery Out numbered
Discreet Opera endorsement Preparing for battle Big claws and horns, but they use rocks for weapons?
Mmm, radioactive
05.15.2003 E3 Screens
Cute monsters! I guess they don't feel the cold Nor they
Twirling blue Merry meetings At the base of some pulleys
Twirls are a big deal in this game Overlooking a cliff "Don't nobody enter my magic circle!"
"Umm... I'll just leave you two alone."
04.22.2003 First Screens
I strike thee down! Enemies from afar. The town gathering.
A selection of spells. The icy mountains.
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