Guild Wars - Artwork
06.16.2003 New Artwork
Poster 1 Ruined City Wartorn City
Helmet Beautiful Golden City Sunshining Through
Poster 2 Aztec Temple City Meeting
Red Mantis Another Ruined City Monsters
Ships Tower Sketch Eroded Walls
Overlooking Dragon Waterfalls Big Shield
Forest Deserted
05.14.2004 E3 Art
Ancient Cave Highland Bridge Monster Concept
Blue Place Readied Archer Mage Concept
Dragon Concept Statues Monster Art
07.30.2003 Character Render
Nice use of armor
05.15.2003 E3 Art
The Fortress of Doom makes a cameo Eager for questing This could go in Themes...
Wielding a battleaxe Taking it easy About to strike!
04.22.2003 First Character Art
Fell Dwarf Villian
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