Dark And Light - Screen Shots
01.17.2003 First Screens  
Run-down looking farm A dangerous bridge Climbing up the mountain
Beautiful countryside Camping out Looking out over the hills
A solar eclipse in the background "Whoa...look at all the pretty colors..." Don't get any closer to her...
Riding along Trekking through a valley Grasslands
This valley has trees Another camp in the woods Nice fountain!
A view from a tower More grass for everyone! This grass quickly desertifies
Standing around the farm Plains with mountains in the distance Rugged hills
This female character is just standing around A small look at the wireframe Watching the moonrise
Sunlight...too bright! Some early rendering Wireframe level
Steep chasm More beautiful scenery What could this fellow be selling?
The sun peers over the horizon Another beautiful day has begun A large bluff
Another valley Rolling plains Staring at the craggy mountains in the distance
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