Dark Age of Camelot - Screen Shots
03.31.2005 Dark Age of Camelot Graphical Improvements
Old Albion house New Albion house Old interior
New interior Old Camelot New Camelot
Old Hibernia house New Hibernia house Old interior of Hibernia house
New interior of Hibernia house Old Jordheim New Jordheim
Old Midgard house New Midgard house Old Midgard house interior
New interior of Midgard house Old Tir-Na-Nog New Tir-Na-Nog
05.17.2002 Dark Age of Camelot in Action
Go Urtrag go! Urtrag the mighty Anyone got a torch?
It looks hostile..kill it! What the heck is a Digby? Die Rock Crab, Die!
The world is vast Urtrag encounters another hero Yay for Ymir!
More of those Digbys Urtrag hits the town SQUISH!
It's the dreaded rugged dwarven pony! Trees! I'm not even touching this one
Urtrag smash! I SEEM TO BE ON FIRE The night after the frat party
Smashing heads in, 25 hours a day    
09.29.2001 First Screens
I'm so happy to be adventuring! Trapped in a corner Rockman
An oddly shaped monument Posing for the camera Creepy undead
Pick on someone your own size! A skeletal centurion Now that's a giant
Battle on a slope Sunrise or sunset? Animal in the background
Gooey creatures Rainy death Trees of DOOM
A woodland hut A small stone house Watchtower
Inside a temple of some sort A neat castle BOOM!
Teaming up ZAP! Blue lightning
Not that's a giant...hammer Fountain in the square Hilltop keep
Bridged moat Into the woods Night begins to fall
A quiet forest stream Colorful house Hidden shrine
The sun burns brightly Impressive architecture Merchant house
Stone walls Snowy castle What's cooking?
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