Belle Isle - Screen Shots
12.15.2004 First Screens
Flashy effects do not equal damage "Dang! My lightsaber is dimming out!" "Were too sexy to stand up like commoners."
"Don't worry, child. We'll get that window off of your head as soon as I stop holding you down with my legs." Now THAT'S taking one for the team! Screen 6
Those same people from screen 6, younger Aesthetically pleasing menus We are the lions who saaaayyy..."NI!"
"I think he has my nose" A wedding, perhaps? Sometimes you just have to leave town and bond with your weapons...
...But someone always has to crash your party Posing gains you no experience points "I am interested in this"
Or, you can trade it all in for what's inside this box She's not dressed for winter "I'll take two number fives with extra pickle, and..."
Every game has its boring parts. This looks to be that part.
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