Ballerium - Screen Shots
12.01.2003 They keep flowing in
Ooo a catapult Carnage Units on a mission
Spellcasters Exponents A protector
Some baddies Attack from above All lined up
Countdown to destruction?
09.04.2003 Another Addition
Kebees' guard tower
06.13.2003 First Screens
That should take care of their building We need to expand more AHH! Look out for the trees
Where are we? An empty city, now This city is huge
I wonder what that building does? Some nice landscape More landscape
Nice and organized Searching the world What to make?
Great location, on the side of a hill This isn't a good formation No enemies in sight
I may have spoke too early Green grass in the city, outside it nothing but dirt Sending the tanks up front, not a good idea
Run away! We'll bomb them BOOM! You're dead
I guess not Two should be enough Huge army
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