Zero One - Screen Shots
03.20.2003 First Screens
*Gasp* The bed covers are different colors You can't get out of my grasp When Robots Attack
Haven't we meet before? You look familiar Did you bring your Math book?
You looking for a fight? Ouch! That hurt. Not so rough
Do you think it's a clue? It's time for a shower Strange meeting you here
I said HALT! So... do you like my eye patch? I want to show you something
Conspiracy? I think so Chained to the bed Duhh... I don't know
I can't see a robot from here My fists hurt I think you need a hair cut
And a new set of glasses What is that? A plane didn't crash here
What a quiet village Should I wear a Purple ribbon tomorrow? I.... Died?
Neat, I can save three times Some menus A few more menus
A couple more menus A picture gallary I got your wallet
I need to aim a little better I hope I'm going the correct way My old desk
Another menu Guns hurt What did you say? I was distracted.
Go ahead and make fun of me
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