Sigma Star Saga - Screen Shots
04.18.2005 A Batch Of Screens Way Cooler Than The Last Magic Box
A staring contest with a blind man Is he running or dancing? Hey buster, this is a videogame, not an autobiography! Can it!
Flying over a pit Shooting stuff in a cave Walking down some stairs
Those kinda look like floating mushrooms... Will Bobby leave forever? Stay tuned for the next episode of "This Alien Soap-Opera." Running through the snow
Blast that crystal demon "All right, Mr. Garden! This is a stick-up!" I get the feeling you DON'T want to be hit by that
RUN! RUN AS YOU HAVE NEVER RAN BEFORE!!! Billy, jealous of his friend's cool snowman, violently attacks the snow Space battle with a weird, bird-thing
"...We're gonna need a bigger ship..." Flying over a the SNOW!
01.20.2005 First Screens
I refuse to use the ladder Look I can make the ground explode I swear this isn't Gradius
Purple camoflauge ...but they won't stand a chance against our awesome new jumpsuits!
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