Onimusha Tactics - Screen Shots
8.03.2003 New Screens
He had it comin' Mayhem and a pot Nobu's chatty
Lizard men can't talk A little meeting He leads them somewhere
This is it! We call this: overconfidence This guy...
Conversation of the zealous kind Chin up You tell 'em
More of her rogue shenanigans There's that laugh again Onimaru status screen
Crowding the bridge Standing around You've found something!
Pre-battle screen? A battle Attacking the enemy
A list of various items Purple ring-shield In the range
Some tricky footing Post-battle screen? In the red range
Confrontations, confrontations We're not in Kansas anymore This place is hostile
More Onimaru status Well, he needs setting up That's a fierce blow
Battle options Attack formation
5.15.2003 E3 Screens
End? Upper hand It doesn't end with zombies!
A focused event Lucky! The party is cornered
The tables have turned A cameo? Or just a cultural figure? Making the team
Wide range Onimaru Choices
Red. The universal symbol for evil. Magoichi's first turn "Hey you! Off my property!"
Spell time They've got the drop on our hero
1.07.2003 More Screens  
Title screen Taking a swim Looks arid
All the little units He speaks! Movement area
Spreading out Ring the bell? Learning to count: 20s
Looks excited    
10.31.2002 First Screens The Magic Box
The town is on fire! I hope I can jump that... Lovely green water
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