Shiren GB2 - Screen Shots
01.30.2002 Even more screens
Fighting Easter Island heads Your dog sticks by you A crowded room
At a store Watery
09.17.2001 One Big Look Source: Chunsoft and Game Watch
In a cave with a club A dead body? Looking at a bracelet in an ice cave
Shiren and Koppa in prison A pile of bones... Boss anybody? Surrounded!
Another bracelet looking thing? Shiren go splat? Menu
Preparing to attack Ack! Town map during the day
Town map at night In a shop of some kind In a bar
Buy or leave? In a wooden room Leading an old man
Talking with your party Nice hair Smack the fish thing!
Wild boar! Smite thine enemy Ooo... sparkley
Animated sequence! Gather around everybody In a sewer?
The floor is littered with trinkets! ZAP! Shiren and Koppa
Pekeji Oryuu Ateka
Lord Zagan Sachi
Deciding what to buy Menu over a castle Whap!
Pow! Biff! Stand-off
Up-close and personal Across the isthmus Four of a kind
Fire! Starmie?! More messy floor
What's in the bag? Fire column Seven and eight
No comment Shiren and Koppa again In the desert
Visiting the castle at night A list of enemies? Talking to something
Entering a house A cluttered room In a shop
Important looking person Traveling across the desert Looking up at the towering castle
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