Homeland - Screen Shots
03.22.2005 New Screens
Sitting around with the gang Which hat to wear today? Circular hat takes the square
Hopefully she wont run into any wolves When jello attacks Telling lies lately?
Tending to the stone daisies A floating platform to another world Floating platforms lead to many destinies
Gather 'round and ye shall hear a tale Sing a happy-happy, happy-happy song Stories for everyone
Why must everyone be so....flat? Block....SMASH! What a blockhead
Square dancing "Block" that punch An eerie shadow
A field trip we will go Here lizard, lizard, lizard The sprial of doom
So many choices Which choice to make? The egg has eyes
Egg vs. mudman Hard-boiled Swirly hills
The hills have eyes Restraining the pink guy Unicorns that slice & dice
Mr. Ed makes an important decision Going on a treasure hunt Where's the "open" command, huh?
So a tree magically appears Cryptic runes Follow the leader
So complicated Clashing against the enemy forces The big bang
Which one to plunge the sword into?
01.06.2005 First Screens
Sorry, can't help you. Gotta carry this sack around. Yes, Freddy; walk towards the light Listen, I dunno how to tell you're out of the guild
Rage against the big green blobs! Seconds before the beating Yeah, hey, I still don't know what that is
Wondertwin powers, activate! If you want to enter the cave, answer me these questions three You can tell it's a GameCube game
An uproar Mom, can we keep him? Friend or fiend?
I wanna hold your haaand Follow the arrows I'll huff and I'll puff
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