The Separation of Shiguld

By FogelFan

The man removed his green helmet, revealing a crisp, well defined face and soft, white hair that tumbled down to his shoulder. He stared off into the distance, seeing the ground far, far beneath him, wondering how the upcoming battle would turn out. He had slain hundreds on Earth, thousands maybe. He could not remember. His sword was stained red from his countless battles. He thought of his sister, Fenril, and why he had become this bloodthirsty monster when she remained so pure. She disobeyed the Gods though, he remembered, and smirked with disgust. The thoughts of Fenril presently left his mind. He brought his sword up and sliced it through the air, with a loud *woosh*. His form was excellent, as it had always been. No enemy could defeat him, he was the most powerful warrior in Zenobia.

( Fogel, Fogel, you must not fight at Shiguld, it will mean doom for thousands, you mustn't... )

Fogel awoke with a start, the voice of Fellana echoing in his head. It had not been an arbitrary dream, but rather a vision. He struggled with the wishes of his Goddess, and the powerful magic controlling him. He had met Rashidi before, and had attempted to slay him, but Rashidi used a powerful Charm spell to bend Fogel to his will. "I am a High Knight of the Gods, how can this be?" he thought, before succumbing to the spell. His own thoughts left him, replaced by the vile destructive wishes of Rashidi. He could not disobey him, for a power even greater than Fellana was where he derived his power. Its prescence felt cold, malicious, the tortured screams of thousands echoed in his mind when he went into battle, fueling him with a cold rage that only multiplied his already exemplary strength. This came at a cost however.

The massive Sky Island of Shiguld loomed in front of him. He could still feel a tingling sensation, as the Chaos Gate had ripped him into tiny bits and reformed him here. From where he came, he did not remember. The only thought in his mind was to defeat the Divine Dragon, the guardian that the Gods had placed here to defend Shiguld. Rashidi wished to control all of the Sky Islands, his power and dominion over the land was complete, now he would gain a stranglehold over God's land! Fogel set out from the Chaos Gate towards the Castle Shiggult, where the Divine Dragon's lair was. He was confronted with minions of the Divine Dragon on his path, but they were hardly worthy opponents. A demon, and two Tiamats stood in his way, but he just laughed at them, the power of Rashidi giving him nearly perfect defense against the dark powers of these fiends. The Tiamats unleashed a synchronous, unearthly roar, and fiery circles appeared around Fogel. Suddenly the sky around him turned black as midnight, as beams of orange, black, red, and gray erupted from the circle, slamming into Fogel relentlessly. Besides his armor being slightly charred, Fogel had barely been affected. He raised his sword and swung it with all of his might, a powerful shockwave erupted from the tip. In a flash, it had connected with the Demon leading the Tiamats, ripping him asunder. The Tiamats, fearing for their lives, fled from this small but awesomely powerful foe. Fogel followed them to the edge of the continent, and rather than fight, the two dragons leapt from the island, to crash on the ground below. Fogel just laughed and went on his way.

The spires of Shiggult rose up in front of him, and the guards had spotted him, rushing out to do battle. Using the Iainuki slash was taxing upon his body, so he focused on delivering fatal, quick strikes to vital areas, rather than completely annihalating his foes. A plethora of angels, demons, dragons, samurai, knights, wizards, shamans, practically an entire army was there to meet him. He did not wish to end the lives of these good soldiers, but the power of Rashidi intervened his compassionate heart and he rushed into battle. Being a Dragoon, he had the power of a Dragon, and he leapt high above the battleground, his enemies losing him in the light of the sun. He fell moments later, slashing through a random opponent, the force of his fall adding gravity to his already mighty swing. He continued his strategy of jumping, and landing on a foe, until the guardians dispersed, knowing that they could never lay a hand on this seemingly impossible enemy. Fogel, while somewhat winded from the exertion of leaping so much, continued to the entrance of Shiggult. He heard a massive roar, which shook the ground he stood on, and carried the aura of the Gods, burning away at the evil prescence within his heart. This preemptive attack on him wasn't strong enough to bring Fogel back to his senses however, and he rushed into the castle. Before him stood the largest creature he had ever seen, its visage noble and cunning, its grand weight seeminly agile as a sparrow, as its head darted to and fro, getting various glimpses of Fogel at different angles. The great beast was adorned with scales that were the brightest of white, pure and holy, with the scars to prove that this beast was no newcomer to battle. Bones of those who would have tried the might of the guardian of God's shrine littered the floor. The beast spoke, "I am the Divine Dragon, placed here by the grace of God to protect this shrine now and forever. Who are you to enter this place and attempt to defile the purity of God's house?" "My name is Fogel", the High Knight hissed "And I have come to claim this land for the glory of the Great Mage Rashidi!" The Divine Dragon stared at him for a moment, seemingly lost in thought, then once again spoke, "Fogel, High Knight of the Gods, how is it that you come before another of your masters servants to do battle?" Fogel, consumed by Rashidi's ever growing prescense in his heart, instead rushed at the creature to kill it before it had time to react.

The battle had begun, the power of Rashidi against the power of God. The Divine Dragon was no easy foe, he possessed power, speed, and intelligence equal to that of Fogel. Fogel slashed at the Dragon, but his weapon was repulsed again and again by the impregnable armor of the Dragon. He dodged the massive spiked tail that lashed out to impale him, then leapt at the tail and severed it. The Divine Dragon roared in pain and anguish, feeling its first taste of defeat. The spiked head of the Dragon sped towards Fogel, slamming into the Knight and sending him careening into a nearby pillar. With a great crack the pillar broke and the Knight finally landed on the ground, rolling a considerable distance across the court. He stood up, wearily, his armor dented. He knew he could not take another hit like that without suffering serious injury. Fogel dashed back into the fray, leaping into the air above the Dragon. A stream of holy energy erupted from the Divine Dragon's snout, bathing Fogel in it, and sending him once again through the air. He landed on his feet however, the breath attack being used only to defend against the decapitating blow Fogel was planning. He seemed to be losing this battle, and knew he must rely on strategy to beat this stronger foe. He slowly walked in front of the Dragon, and then let out an awful scream, and collapsed. The Divine Dragon stared at him curiously, as his rose from the floor. Fogel called out "Divine Dragon, help me, I have been possessed by a powerful demon, I need your support to exorcise it! Touch your snout to my hand, and I will be strong enough to drive the demon out!" The Dragon, realizing that this WAS a fellow servant of God, agreed. After Fogel had sheathed his sword, the Dragon lowered its massive head to touch the palm of this fallen warrior. Rashidi was still in full control however, and when the Dragon's head was in reach, he lashed out with a small dagger, forged with evil magic, at the Dragon's unprotected head. The knife, fueled with evil magic and propelled with the might of a High Knight and Rashidi's magic, slammed into the forehead of the dragon, exploding as the antipodal energies of the Dragon and the knife collided. The blast hurled Fogel backwards, and the Dragon roared, a fatal blow being dealt. He slowly collapsed, hissing at Fogel, "For your dishonor, I place a curse upon your head, that you be given the horrible visage of the Tiamat, but retain your High Knighthood, for it is not my place to remove that. As well as this, the deaths of many innocents shall always be on your heart, as I shall split Shiguld in two, sending them to their doom. It is your fault, remember this." The Dragon then expired, and its corpse emitted a mighty flash that hurled Fogel into unconsciousness. The great Sky Island of Shiguld was ripped in two, giving way to a great chasm where many cities once were. Thousands fell to their doom to the Earth far far below...

Fogel awoke to find that he could feel his helmet on his face, where there would normally be a gap. He removed his helmet, and looked into the reflection. He now had the face of a horrible dragon, complete with scars, and razor sharp teeth. He groaned as the power of Rashidi took control over him again, and he left to conquer the rest of Shiguld.

( child, I grieve at your misfortune. But if you can hear me, trust in those called the Rebels. They possess my blessings, and will rescue you soon. Please, fight Rashidi until they arrive and break the spell. The rebels need you to defeat Rashidi. Remember... )


Well, this is my first attempt at a fanfic, I was playing Ogre Battle and just got Fogel, and wondered why noone had ever written a fanfic about this extremely powerful and mysterious warrior. So, I wrote the only history the game mentioned of him. It may not all be correct, but it is interesting to read, I think. I may write more on various characters, if I get inspired.

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