Roma Victor - Screen Shots
04.29.2005 Testing Screens
Extremely early Alpha screen Flocks and heards Man wearing ugly armor
See Juptier run Look at me, Beer Barron. I have a new hat. "Well NOW what!?"
At least you brought the other guy down with you Oh, the joy of Alpha testing Three people populate the city
Soldiers gather More Alpha testing goodness Yet more Alpha testing goodness
Sorry about that whole "trying to stab you" thing Nothing to do but smile ...tumbleweed...
DRIVE BY! DUCK AND COVER! Too late, sucka
Gang violence Killing people just because he can More gang violence
Rank-n-file More standing and doing nothing "Tsk, the worst thing about that battle was when I lost my fashionable handbag"
Standing and staring Jabbed with a spear You'll put someone's eye out with that thing
Hey, a woman Toga party Atop a castle
Someone ran out of bleach Definite Alpha names Commanding an army
Scarce population I want something to explode Throw your hands in the air
And wave 'em all around like you want to kill everyone Chicken farm For battle camping
Self-supporting spear Half-invisible trees Mercury hanging out alone
Huts Up-close and bland Working for the man
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