Pirates of the Burning Sea - Screen Shots
09.27.2003 Ahoy! Some screens to blow thee down
Which side is stern? And is this port? Near the bottom
Cannons! It's soo blue Not quite as blue
Water reflects light Blow them up! Enemies spotted captain!
Blow them out of the sea Passing a mounds of paydaoh Yellow boat
Design Design close up Design of the front
Pointy Ropes Wood
Aw, so pretty Framerate Catching up
I couldn't afford a full size ship... Rudder What they do to misbehaving animals
All lined up Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink Lush forests?
Some friends! The Nina, the Pinta... Green, white, and blue
There's booty in them hills More cannons No sails
Nice sails Fancy, but still no sails Need a crew
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